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Moving to Mark-up

2012 June 10
by Diane Jakacki

After a week spent at DHSI, and listening to James Cummings┬áremind all of us that digital scholarship must be written in TEI (well, that and a lot of other projects that demonstrate how much more valuable Tarlton’s Jests might be if I committed to something other than wiki-based editing), I’m taking the leap and marking up the text. In the meantime, I’m going to think further about the connections between the work I’m doing and whether or not it should be reliant (and to what extent) on mediawiki. Mediawiki is valuable in that it allows me to put up work relatively quickly, but I’m now becoming more convinced that the headaches of working in the mediawiki environment, burdened as it is by spam, may not ultimately be the best solution. Need to think this through once I’ve got over the jet lag.

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