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Initial Mapping Results

2012 July 14
by Diane Jakacki

As part of preparation for paper to be presented at the Sixteenth Century Society & Conference this October, I’ve been quietly plugging dates and coordinates into an Excel spreadsheet, then exporting to ArcGIS Online. This is only the beginning, but you can see the initial results here: “Touring with the Queen’s Men: 1583-1588“.

Research questions are beginning to take shape, including:

  1. If seasonal or annual “bookings” amounted to such small amounts (10-20 s. on average), how were the Queen’s Men making profit from those commitments?
  2. Which touring routes were the most profitable (Kent performances look to have been particularly profitable)
  3. What can be interpreted about Tarlton’s relationship with the Queen’s Men in light of the fact that there are no performance records for the period from August 16 through October 11 – when he died September 3*
  4. Can we begin to date split touring practices, based on simultaneous or near-simultaneous performance dates?

* The October 11 date is puzzling because it is a lone date in Lancashire. The next two dates, in December, are in Norwich and Kent – much closer to London and the Christmas court.

Next steps:

  • Differentiate lengthy/annual commitments from single-date records to see what patterns emerge
  • Experiment with links among performance places
  • Consider performance type and audience (ecclesiastical, civic, private) in order to better analyze touring trends.

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