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Google Map challenges

2011 January 29

I started working on the Queen’s Men touring section; installed the Google Maps extension for MediaWiki only to discover that it doesn’t want to “play”. So in the meantime I’ll use Google Maps and link to/from the wiki.

Two initial research questions appear: in 1583 the Queen’s Men performed in Bath on June 6 and in Norwich on June 16. I need to find a calculation for how many miles a troupe of performers (with, perhaps, a wagon full of costumes and props?) would have been able to travel in a day to determine how quickly the Queen’s Men could have traveled from Bath to Norwich. Would they have had time for a stop in London, which is almost on the route?

And second, the altercation in Norwich at the Red Lion Inn has been documented in REED and examined by Jennifer Roberts-Smith. Is there more that can be developed about this issue using GSI technology and approaches?

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