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Working at Serious Scholarship

2012 September 2
by Diane Jakacki

I’ve begun the process of contextualizing my observations of how temporo-spatial data examination can reveal touring patterns. In order to do this I’ve started sorting through the quick flashes presented in the last few blog posts and presenting them in a more formal fashion in the section entitled “Queen’s Men on Tour: 1583-1588.”

Within that overall workspace I’ll try and break down information more fully by year, and support that information as best I can with references from the REED volumes as well as The Queen’s Men and Their Plays. As cautioned by many who have tried to pin specific dates for many of the documented payments, the picture is becoming more cloudy as it becomes clearer. In order to keep proper track of the references I have added footnotes indicating citations as given in Patrons and Performances and anchored links to excerpted records from the volumes. The reader should ultimately be able to examine any particular performance record by means of a transcription from the associated volume. Eventually I hope that these links will connect directly with the digitized records to be made available by eREED.

It is an interesting experience to be putting forward arguments in a dynamic space while simultaneously burrowing into the records to demonstrate the rigor of my scholarly approach. I am uncertain where it will all lead, and if this process will actually be helpful to other researchers sifting through digitized records in an effort to make sense of early modern performance practices. I will ultimately have to take responsibility for this work; if I cannot sustain a high level of scholarship, then I must decide whether to continue with this aspect of the project.

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