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Take Away from the REED workshop

2011 April 5
by Diane Jakacki

Yesterday’s presentation was exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. Fortunately, the internet connection came through so I was able to do a live demo of areas of the Project wiki. More exciting was the predisposition of the research group to the concept of a wiki (or wiki-type) approach to publication. I had been afraid I would be met with hostility or trepidation, but not so. Sally-Beth MacLean was – as usual – very generous in her encouragement and eagerness for me to find ways to  tie the project to REED’s resources in as impactful a way as possible.

So as I see it, my next steps are straightforward and to be addressed in the next two months or so:

  1. Flesh out the Red Lion section of the 1583 Touring section to complete a “proof of concept” of this type of information
    1. Add dynamic links to the pertinent areas of the Patrons and Performances website (Red Lion and Norwich pages, as well as any information about patrons/hosts)
    2. Incorporate the “bespoke map” from the Patrons and Performances site and see if I can incorporate any additional GIS information about the movement of the troupe leading up to and out of the Norwich attack event
  2. Turn the Sources and Further Reading area into an annotated bibliography and make sure it is up to date in conjunction with my dissertation bibliography as well as thoroughly vetted in relation to REED’s online bibliographical resources.

I’m assuming I can get permission from Sally-Beth to post a version of my paper on this blog; if her answer is yes, I will post that forthwith.



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