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Fellow Travellers

2012 March 6
by Diane Jakacki

It’s one thing to talk about developing a research project in an open environment, where anyone interested can follow your progress courtesy of Twitter updates. It’s another thing to realize people are noticing what you’re doing.

I’d been going merrily along assuming no one noticed my progress. And then, yesterday, people started paying attention. Mathew Lyons and Jonathan Hope started following me because of the Tarlton Project. Mathew used some of my transcriptions in his blog post on Tarlton. And Jonathan Hope, whose research with Mike Witmore can be viewed at Wine Dark Sea contacted me about the our mutual interest in using Digital Humanities approaches to teaching early modern studies.

Of course I’m thrilled that the Tarlton Project has blipped on the twitterverse radar screen. Now I’m just super-conscious of the need to get cracking with some of the areas of the site that need attention.

Thanks to Mathew and Jonathan. Looking forward to sharing ideas in the future!

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