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Queen’s Men on Tour: 1583-1588

The question of how the Queen’s Men might have effectively performed in these places in the time allotted is particularly confusing when one takes into account the sometimes imprecise local recording practices from which these dates have been identified. In particular, issues pertaining to touring routes and how the troupe could have covered the specific dates – which sometimes were hundreds of miles apart without accounting for reasonable travel time – have been particularly puzzling. The advent of accessible, flexible Geospatial Information System software may help reveal patterns or illuminate further questions about touring and point researchers at places in which to look further for documents pertaining to performance.
This is the first attempt at mapping the Queen’s Men touring schedule from January 1583 through December 1588. Data was exported from Excel as a year-delimited .csv file, which can be viewed here:

QM1583-1588 QM1583-1588

The spreadsheet was then imported into ArcGIS Online, providing the following basemap:

View Larger Map

For further analysis of touring on a year-by-year basis, please see the following:

  • Touring Information: 1583
  • Touring Information: 1584
  • Touring Information: 1585
  • Touring Information: 1586
  • Touring Information: 1587
  • Touring Information: 1588

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